Rules & Scramble Format


  • It’s Thanksgiving. Have some fun! This really was designed to be a spoof.


  • A team is comprised of 4 golfers. In the event their is 3 one of the golfers can hit an extra shot each turn. In the event, there is 5 in your group, a penalty of 2 strokes will be reduce from score. (because of the extra shot advantage)


  • Each player can only bring 1 club. The club must be a wedge. For example a pitching wedge or sand wedge. (The club must be cleared marked as a W, PW, LW, A, U, 50, 52, 56, 60, etc. A wedge can not have less than 45 degrees of loft. Any group playing with a club other than a wedge (for example a 9 iron) will be assessed 1 stroke for every hole played.
  • Extra wedges will be available.


  • Everyone in your group hit’s a shot. Take the best shot and all hit from that spot. The ball must be on grass and not a hazard. In the event the all balls are unplayable or in a hazard assess a 1 stroke penalty and proceed.


  • All concrete and asphalt are played as a lateral water hazard. If all your team’s balls are in/on a hazard, take a 1 stroke penalty and drop ball on grass no closer to hole.
  • If your best ball is blocked by an immoveable objects like a car, house, etc. Or if you hit it in the woods, flower bed, etc. (unplayable lie) Take a 1 penalty stroke and drop the ball on grass no closer to hole.


  • We will play wind, rain, snow  or shine.


  • The hole will be marked with a tee box (blue sign). Each green is a blow up disc. The hole is done when a ball comes to rest inside the hole. If a ball is with in the length of your grip, it is a gimme and add one stroke. Holes are marked with actual golf poles and flags.


  • The winning team is the team with the actual lowest recorded score. In the event, there is a tie, the captains can agree to be co-champions OR play between the two teams will continue. The format head to head starting from the first hole.


  • Cannot be removed from the premises.


  • Any and all disputes during or after play will be settled by The Rules Committee consisting of Brian Weis, Marcus Davies, and Tony Kellicut. Majority vote passes/settles dispute. In the event, their team or teammates are involved the individual will be recused and Kathy Davies will be acting rules committee member.


  • Bring a friend or two!