Kul Beer Official Beer of the Turkey Cup

Kul (pronounced Cool) Beer is the official 2014 beer sponsor of the Turk Cup. You can get it at local Sendik’s Store.

Now A Word From Our Sponsor:
In a world of micro and macro breweries your choice is hopped up, tricked out craft beers and watered down adjunct filled macro beers that are more concerned about their packaging than the taste of the beer. At KüL Brewing we are all about providing customers with fresh beer, produced in Wisconsin that provide great drinkability, at fair price. Our advertising budgets are small, our ownership is 100% American. We are hard working American entrepreneurs, who enjoy a beer brewed in the American traditions – isn’t that refreshing?

The KüL family of beers are brewed with spring water from the glacier aquifers in Lacrosse Wisconsin. The water, softened by glacial outwash, provides our beer with a soft mouth feel, accents the rich malt flavor and highlights the touch of hops. Our beer is reminiscent of iconic old-world beer, brewed years ago, with the finest and purest ingredients to ensure that what ends up in your glass is flavorful, drinkable and refreshing.