2018 Turkey Cup Invite

Dust your wedge off for the 2018 Turkey Cup!

The 2018 Turkey Cup registration is now open. Get your teams together and get ready for the Almost Golf Ball event of the year. The 2018 Turkey Cup is less than a two weeks away.

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What is The Turkey Cup?

Thanksgiving morning hosts one of the most heralded almostgolf events of the year. In Richfield, Wisconsin a few neighbor’s backyards stage a one club/foam golf ball tournament with proceeds’ going to an amazing cause – Operation Christmas Child. The event is a scramble with holes ranging from 40-100 yards. Invite a friend or bring a group we would love to have you!

What is New for 2018?

1) This is the 10th annual! We are going back to the original 9 hole layout. (The lot across the street might have sold and do not have formal permission).

2) Reducing fee from $50 – $20.

3) Returned back to the double rings. The green is a hulahoop with a smaller ring in. If the ball lands in the hulahoop (but not the inner ring add 1 stroke and move on.)

What is Almost Golf?

The AlmostGolf ball is the leading foam ball that flies about the third of the distance of a real ball. (my 120 yard club – Pitching Wedge flys about 25-35 yards). The ball is safe to play around people and houses/windows.


What better day to give back than on Thanksgiving. All proceeds are donated to “Operation Christmas Child”. The program is sending 11 million shoes boxes of toys to around the world. Our tournament will raise enough money to purchase supplies and shipping for 100 gift boxes. (That is awesome!)


1288 Kerechun Road
Hubertus, WI 53003
(Markus Davies House or 4 doors down from Brian Weis’s OLD house)

THE EVENT STARTS AT 8:00 sharp. Please arrive between 7:30-7:45. YOU SHOULD BE HOME BY 10:30am.

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We anticipate 50-60 people. It is a one club tournament (wedge). If you would like to be paired up with a buddy or foursome no problem. We will pair singles and pairs up if you do not do it yourself. Bring your A game baby!…because you are playing for The Turkey Cup. It is a scramble so everyone hits and your group takes the best shot. Everyone plays from there and repeat until the ball is holed.

What Do I Bring?

  • Your golf club and equipment – shoes, glove, beer cooler, etc.
  • Dress warm!….Dress real warm!
  • Entry fee – $50 (Advanced Registration is Encouraged!!!!!!!)
  • Almostgolf balls will be provided to all participants.


Contact Brian Weis, Markus Davies, Tony Kellicut – Please complete a registration form and mail in. Yes you can invite a buddy and yes if need be you can do same day registration.

To register visit the Registration Page >>